May 24, 2022

Top Eleven Free Grammarly Alternatives

One of the most popular grammar and spelling checker on the web is probably Grammarly. It’s available to be downloaded as a separate software or just jump right straight to their site. Bloggers, students, writers, and teachers alike have used Grammarly because of its ability to correct grammar errors, detect spelling mistakes, and improve vocabulary. However, if you want to gain access to its more advanced features, you have to pay a hefty $30 a month in order to do so.

This lead some people to find free alternative software that provides the same function and capability of Grammarly. In this article, we are going to tackle eleven of these and how they are better in some ways than Grammarly. Let’s have a look at them.



This one can detect spelling mistakes as well as correct your grammar to improve readability. It also has a plagiarism checker that is available for free whereas in grammarly, it is part of the monthly paid subscription. It can also improve your sentences as well as it detects any passive voice write-ups that you can change.



Ginger helps on correcting your spelling and grammar mistakes. It highlights any error that is detected on your piece and you can change it in an instant without any hassle. What’s best is that Ginger is available on a wide variety of platforms including Windows, iOS, Android. It also has a browser extension as well that you can install on Chrome or Safari.



Reverso has the ability to correct simple or advanced errors in your write-ups. It also offers synonym suggestions as well so that you won’t have to use repetitive words to make your piece as unique as it can be. Reverso is compatible with any languages such as Arabic, German, Russian, English, French, and more.



For business writers, fiction writers, content writers, article writers alike, this one is for you. Prowritingaid helps improve your write-ups thanks to its plethora of features. The best part is you can integrate Prowritingaid on your document-making software such as MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, and more. And it doesn’t end there, they also had a browser extension that’s compatible with Chrome, Opera, or any kinds of browser that supports extensions.



Jetpack is a proofreading tool that can be used only on WordPress via a plug-in. So for the bloggers out there that uses WordPress to write content, Jetpack is for you. It can correct grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. It can also improve your writing style as well to make it unique. Not only that, but it also checks complex phrases and corrects it to make it less wordy to read at.



This list won’t be complete without mentioning Whitesmoke, a perfect Grammarly alternative that offers some features that are only available in the paid version of Grammarly. It is available for both Windows and MacOS and can also be integrated on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Whitesmoke supports up to fifty languages and can also detect plagiarism as well.


Online Correction

This one is a simple site that corrects both grammatical and spelling errors. It has a simple user interface without all the clutter that some others have. It helps improve your writing as well as your punctuation usage. It’s compatible with multiple languages such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, and others.



This software is also the best Grammarly alternative out there. It can correct various mistakes such as the use of passive voices, redundant sentences, transition words, and more. It also has a built-in dictionary that is based on Wikipedia and Google. It also enhances the readability of your piece by suggesting word and sentence length as well as the structural flow of your articles.



The best proofreader out there is probably 1Checker. By using this one, it will thoroughly check each word and sentences on your write-ups to make it pleasant and understandable to read at. What’s best is that 1Checker has a built-in advance AI technology to improve your linguistic skills, which makes it the ideal tool to proofread your piece.



Hemingway not only highlights incorrect word usage, but also suggests better words that you can use to make your write-ups readable and unique. It’s available for free, but there is also a monthly subscription as well which is cheaper compared to Grammarly.



Lastly, we have the Grammarlookup. A tool that checks for wordy sentences, incorrect punctuation and word usage, and whatever mistake that can be found on your write-ups. Say goodbye to lengthy assignments that’s barely understandable and say hello to a more readable and organized one thanks to the help of Grammarlookup. It’s the perfect Grammarly alternative for those who are on a budget.