June 28, 2022

Summer Writing Prompts To Heat Up Your Latest Draft

Writing Prompts

Summer is near and you might already be feeling the excitement around you! From afar you can already take in the scent of the warm, salty beach breeze and melting popsicles. No doubt, summer is the season that is most anticipated by many. There might be an exemption though—writers usually like to stay indoors, remain cool as best as you can while hopefully being productive with your writing.

Summer signals a long break from schoolwork for younger aspiring writers, which is why most of them plan on being extra creative in this free time. Below we will present to you a couple of quick and unique writing prompts if you are dead set on writing during the summer. These are specifically designed to help you keep motivated despite the heat!

1 – “Last Summer Before College”

Immerse in the season by crafting a funny, romantic, and twist-filled high school story! This could also be about a teen waiting to get into college during the summer, packing to leave their hometown in a couple of days. This way, you can relate to it on so many levels as well. Put yourself in the character’s shoes and everything else should fall into place.

2 – “Home Away From Home”

Dying to visit a certain tourist spot, city, or country? Why not write about going there? You will hit two birds with one stone here—first, you’ll be able to write; second, you’ll somehow be able to travel to your dream destination. Write about how you think it would feel to be there, the energy of the people, the sights, maybe a romantic twist or two—you name it!

3 – “On The Open Road”

Make a fictional version of your squad and take the characters out on a road trip! It doesn’t have to be all happy all the way, place a bunch plot twists, a dice of complications within your relationships, or maybe a sudden turn of events (think crime, mystery, adventure). The possibilities are endless!

4 – “Summer Memory”

Take yourself down to memory lane and try to recreate your finest childhood summer vacation! Bring your then imaginary friends to life by making them live, conscious and magical characters in your story. Include your childhood friends as well! Take them all out for an adventure of a lifetime. Who knows, this might be the start of a series of books focusing on a wide, unpredictable and ingenious universe.

5 – “A Beach Thriller”

Finally, start working on that crime/thriller novel you have been meaning to write. It could be a group of friends stuck in an isolated island, an impostor within the circle of friends, a seaside town murder mystery—take all the ideas you can get and mash them up together! You can even make it all about sharks if you want, just make sure to make it as unique and original as possible.

If you keep these prompts in mind, it will surely open doors for sub-plots and other random ideas that will potentially make your story a lot more interesting and mind-boggling. When writing, remember to empathize with the characters because this will allow you to add more color to your novel through a fuller and extra raw scene descriptions and dialogue as well.

Do not let the heat discourage you. Instead, take it all in, put your emotions and stresses to words, and continue from there! Happy writing.