August 19, 2022

Lune Spark Young Writers’ Short Story Contest

Contest The Lune Spark Contest for short story writers has certainly gathered around tons of aspiring and incredibly talented kid writers. Through the online contest, kids have not only discovered more about their skills as novice writers, but about the importance of staying creative and keeping motivated and steadfast no matter the outcome. The contest does not necessarily focus on the essence of winning, but the unwavering spirit of writers per se.

Children get to learn this firsthand as the contest commences. On top of this, they also deepen their own understanding about their writing styles, which flows well and naturally with them. Since top writers will be judging and closely checking the short stories, their feedback will also pave way to the young writer’s skills and growth in the future.

Parent engagement is also key. As it is in all aspects of a child’s life, it could be the bridge between the child and their dreams of becoming a renowned writer someday. The contest is not limited to results but also considers the sharing of a huge opportunity to neophyte writers online.

The contest also includes a book cover contest, a move that will furthermore spark a child’s creativity and artistry. The contest is divided into two categories—the first aged ten to thirteen, the second ages thirteen to sixteen. Awards include cash prizes and an opportunity to get published (on paperback, audible, eBook, or hardback)! It is truly an exciting contest to participate in. Win or lose, each story gets to be checked by reputable judges who will provide all-inclusive feedback. Additionally, winners’ stories will be edited by top-rated editors.

Rules and regulations are clearly explained on the website. Participants are required to register and submit their stories on or before the 31st of July. If they already missed it, do not worry! Contests are held annually. For the time being, focus on improving your child’s writing abilities. You can also plan plotlines with them and brainstorm.

But beneath all of this, it is important to keep in mind that the contest aims to empower children to remain engaged in their writing hobby. The organizers partner up with parents and the kid writers to furthermore promote creative writing of fiction and to discover talent. There is no denying that through the annual contests, a couple of shining stars have been discovered.

If you feel your child is a budding writer, this is their chance to shine! Let them know and motivate them to join. The goal does not have to be about winning, but the marvelous journey itself. Take them a step closer to their dream, boost their confidence and help them develop their writing. Surely, this moment will be a dream come true in itself, a memory they will always carry with them as they grow through the years. Who knows, your child might just be the next J.K. Rowling, right?